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Woodlands Shop

The Woodlands Shop aims to support young people at Fern House to behave safely and appropriately, experience the feeling of deferred gratification, become a productive member of society, understand the value of money, understand the importance of saving and make smart financial decisions.

The Well-being Lead runs the Woodlands Shop with the support from the school pupil parliament. All pupils have access to the Woodlands shop via an online portal and can place their orders daily.

Pupils can earn virtual money daily for attendance, when they achieve their Thrive targets, keep all their class reward time, bring in their diary and have a successful lunchtime. Pupils can also earn virtual money weekly when they successfully follow the Fern House School rules and values. This amount can be spent on items in selected online retailers or saved to purchase more expensive items (deferred gratification) for example a whole class trip or games console.