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The World Around Me

At Fern House pupils have the opportunity to start the day with ‘The World Around Me’. The aim to expose our pupils to people, places, occupations, the arts, music and events that are outside of our offered curriculum, or to supplement what they have learnt. 

Each week pupils learn about something important from the wider world, with the aim that pupils gain a greater understanding of the world around them. During these sessions pupils will offer their opinions, share knowledge, link new information with previous knowledge from our curriculum and be exposed to topics, themes, places and people they may not have come across before. 

Some examples of what pupils will be learning about are astronomy, Banksy, Walt Disney, The Seven Wonders of the World and what taxes are. We hope that offering an eclectic mix of topics will engage pupils in subjects they have not been exposed to and turn our pupil’s curiosity into understanding and opinion.