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The Felix Project

What is The Felix Project? 

The Felix Project is a food redistribution charity. They collect food that would otherwise go to waste, but is perfectly fine to eat, and distribute it to schools and charities across London.

What is the schools programme? 

The Felix Project Schools Programme is a programme through which schools across the country can contribute to reducing food waste and all the associated consequences, for example the emissions of CO2 and methane. They will work with our school to develop awareness and skills around the issue of food waste and together, will take practical action against it. Together we will be making a difference! 

A weekly delivery of food 

We will receive a delivery of produce from The Felix Project every Thursday and this will be made available to you after school that day. This means your child may bring home a Felix bag of food home filled with various foods and drinks. We aim to make this food and drink as healthy as possible. 

Just by using this food and averting it going to landfill, you will be preventing the same amount of environmental damage as a car driving around the globe twice every year! 

Here is a link to their website