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RE Curriculum

RE Intent

It is essential that our pupils have an understanding of the importance of faith in the lives of individuals and communities. They should also appreciate how the central messages of the major world religions underpin public morality for believers and non-believers alike both in terms of the rituals and festivals which punctuate the year and the established social and legal order. We judge that our pupils will derive the most benefit from studying the two faiths most relevant to them and their families namely Christianity and Islam. The major precept of the major four other religions will be shared but not studied in depth. Pupils will study two topics a year which will focus on the central messages of Christ and Mohammed as expressed in the major festivals and how these impact on believers and the wider society.  Pupils will have the opportunity to visit and understand the significant features of a church and a mosque. These topics will support and contribute to the understanding of work across the curriculum. The development of literacy and communication is at the heart of everything we do, as is the opportunity to reflect on human motivation and behaviours.