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Q & A

What about other year groups?

Other year groups wil continue to attend school.  The protected bubbles means that the infected person has not been in contact with other pupils at the school.

What about siblings in the other year groups?

If you have a child in a different year group they can continue to attend school.

Should I get my child tested?

You should only get a test if your child has symptoms which include a high temperature (hot to touch front and back), a continuous cough and/loss of taste or smell.  

I have a child in another year group, no child care, how do I manage to drop off and collect?

This will be a challenge for some parents.  If you are able to make alternative arrangements please get in touch and we can discuss how we may be able to help this e.g. walking your child from and to your car.

Will children self-isolating have work?

Pupils who are self-isolating will have work set for them using their Seesaw.  More details will be sent.

During break and lunchtimes year groups have their own (bubble) by sectioning of the playgrounds so the classes are not mixing

We our arrangements that classes have their own space within the playgrounds.  To ensure infections do not rise it is also important that families continue to follow the government guidelines outside of school.

If one member of the family has a positive result, what is the likelihood the rest of the family will test positive?

We can not answer that.  We have heard of parents being positive but children not having any symptoms,  What is important is that the whole family self isolate for 14 days if one person has symptoms or is positive.

Are the staff that are in that bubble going to self isolate?


What if as a parent you do not feel comfortable knowing that siblings are still allowed to attend school, this is a risk factor for the other year groups?

We understand your concerns.  We are following the guidance set down and await further advice from public health.  Ultimately parents have to make their own decisions about the current situation. 

To report your child absence