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Purple Curriculum (KS4)

KS4 Curriculum Intent

Our prime purpose is to prepare pupils for the next stage of their education, both academically and personally. We are very aware that the move from the supportive environment of Fern House to college or the workplace is very challenging for our pupils. It is essential that they are given the opportunity to develop the necessary resilience and confidence to enable them to function successfully in the wider world. We continue to build on the foundations laid down in KS2 and KS3, addressing the widespread language deficit, economic and cultural deprivation which characterise our pupils.

All pupils undertake a Functional Skills course in English and Maths at either Entry level or Level 1. The opportunity to study for L2 or GCSE qualifications could be made available if appropriate. Competence in these core subjects is the essential foundation for future success and employability.

We offer a broad range of courses to develop pupils’ life skills covering for example politics, money management, road safety, food hygiene and workplace skills, all of which lead to the award of an AQA certificate. Pupils undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Award enabling them to develop physical, practical and social skills and providing invaluable opportunities to broaden their experience, which they would not otherwise be likely to access.

It is crucial that the pupils perceive the curriculum to be both engaging and purposeful. We therefore give them the choice of five pathways- art, media, sport, construction and non-specific placement. The first four options lead to a nationally recognised qualification and involve some work experience while placement is for pupils who are unsure of which option to follow, enabling them to have a taster of experiences in appropriate workplaces.