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Our Fern House Ways

At Fern House we view behaviour as a learning process. It is important for all members of the school community to be self-aware in order to have an integrated sense of self within society. We believe that learning empathy is a key factor in children and young people understanding that others exist and have different experiences to their own. It is only through the process of learning self-awareness and developing empathy that a healthy relationship can be formed. We therefore place a high importance on understanding yourself (Me), learning empathy (You) and building positive relationships (Us).

This process of learning is defined by the school as the following:


I understand who I am, what experiences I have and how they have shaped me

I understand my boundaries, barriers and triggers

I understand my qualities, likes and aspirations

I understand where I fit into this world

I am self-aware and I self-reflect

I keep myself safe


I recognise you exist and have an awareness of your needs

I recognise you have feelings

I enjoy the company of you

I understand there are similarities and differences between you and I

I understand my impact on you

I keep you safe


We build and maintain healthy relationships

We feel comfortable around each other

We share our successes and our challenges

We are part of a community

We grow together

We keep each other safe