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Hoxton and Honey

Hoxton and Honey are our school dogs. Both are much loved family pets. Hoxton lives with Laura (Headteacher) and Honey lives with Charlotte (Deputy Head). They come to school nearly every day and enjoy spending time with their Fern House family. 

Hoxton is a Cavapoo and is 5 years old. Honey is a Cockapoo and is nearly 1 year old. Hoxton and Honey are half brother and sister. They share the same dad and are from the same breeder. 

Temperament. Hoxton and Honey have similar personalities and temperaments. They both have bubbly, happy-go-lucky personalities and are gentle and affectionate. They are social breeds that like to be around their people. Hoxton enjoys spending time in the classrooms of our KS4 pupils. Honey prefers to stay in Charlotte's office, but loves it when pupils come and visit her. 

Hypoallergenic. Hoxton and Honey are hypoallergenic dogs. This means they shed less hair and don’t drool. Allergy sufferers are allergic to the protein found in the saliva and urine of the dog and as they groom themselves the protein spreads to their skin and coat. So the shed hair exposes people to the protein. Although no dog can be 100% non-allergenic, Hoxton and Honey are less likely to cause problems for allergy sufferers. They are regularly groomed.