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The overarching responsibility and accountability for governance of the Trust and its academies lies with the Board of Trustees, who meet throughout the year.  

The Trustees are responsible for setting and monitoring strategic objectives, as well as ensuring compliance with charity and company law and the Trust’s funding agreement.

The Trust Board has delegated these responsibilities to three committees, each with its own terms of reference. Chaired by a Trustee, each committee meets termly with their minutes submitted to the Board of Trustees for noting, comment and action. 

  • Education and Safeguarding
  • Finance and Resources
  • Pay and Performance 

The Members protect the Charitable and Educational objectives, including the Ethos of the Trust. They take part in annual and extraordinary general meetings and appoint the Directors to the Trust Board. 

The Members are: Tom Sheldon, Andrew Nicolas, Paul Morall, Anthony Wilde and Margaret McAlpine.

Statutory Policies adopted by the Trust Board are reviewed on a rolling cycle.

The Education and Safeguarding Committee oversees the educational performance of each school and the personal development and wellbeing of pupils.  The responsibility of the Education and Safeguarding Committee is to ensure all pupils in each school receive the very best education through a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum in a safe environment.

Each school has a Local Governing Body (LGB), comprised of parents, staff and Trust appointed members. Their primary role is to enable school leaders to achieve the highest educational outcomes for all pupils, through monitoring the quality of education and by providing effective support and challenge. In cases where any school require rapid improvement an Interim Management Board is formed in place of a LGB to deliver the necessary improvements until such time the Trust Board deem appropriate

The Trust Board is accountable for the financial performance of each school and delegates the operational management, regulation and oversight to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), in accordance with scheme of delegation. The CFO reports to the Finance and Resources Committee. The Finance and Resources Committee have responsibilities for issues of finance, risk, control and governance.

Fern House LGB

Position Appointed by Date Appointed End of Term

Jonathan Simms

Trust Appointed Governor (Chair)



Laura Astarita Headteacher / Appointed by trust 24.03.23 23.03.27

Carl Blackstock

Appointed by staff



Nick Finney

Appointed by parents



Joe Shefer

Appointed by parents