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Fern House School Vision & Values

At Fern House, we are passionate about creating a nurturing, attachment-aware, safe, environment that supports each and every one of our young people with Social, Emotional and Mental Health. Relationships are at the heart of all we do.

Through our trauma-informed approach, we strive to ensure every young person recognises himself or herself as a learner, irrespective of the journey they may have been on before they reach us. We work with each individual to get to know them well and we help them develop their oracy, communication and reading skills – enabling them to use their language to communicate effectively with others. Through our bespoke, relevant and progressive curriculum we aim to raise pupils’ confidence to learn, become successful members of the community and be ready for the future.

Through our therapeutic approach, our pupils grow to understand themselves better and increase their self-awareness, becoming more able to manage their emotions and behaviours in a way that will help them. We want our young people to have self-belief and confidence – to understand that they can overcome any adverse life experiences from their past, or any that they face in the future. In partnership with our families, we work tirelessly to ensure every young person progresses and can see an exciting pathway ahead. Through our holistic, engaging and inspiring provision, we help our young people see the opportunities within their grasp as we walk beside them in this part of their journey.

As well as understanding themselves, we want our young people to also understand others. Our community work enables them to continue their pathway independently, with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive.

At Fern House School we recognise that the learning process is about the quality of relationships and that young people learn better when they have an emotional attachment to the person imparting information, knowledge or who is providing support.

The Connect Education Behaviour For Learning policy reflects the shared values, aims and practices of the trust. These are expressed in our mission statement: Be Included, Be Connected. This statement encapsulates the belief in a collaborative, supportive community where all members learn and develop together, within a culture that reflects positive attitudes and beliefs, and which ensures that everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

Please find below our staff shared values.