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What is therapy? 

Therapy is a process by which a trained professional facilitates support for people living with a range of challenges and difficulties in a confidential space free from judgement.

Current therapies available at Fern House are play therapy and art therapy. 

What does therapy involve? 

Therapy enables pupils to have designated time and space with a skilled professional to explore themes. At Fern House, building trusting relationships does take time and therefore our children and young people need long-term interventions in order to make long-term impact on their wellbeing. Therapy gives children the opportunity to present differently - explore and experiment safely, which in turn develops skills in curiosity and engagement. Countless themes are explored, including attachment, rejection, anxiety and trust.

Why do we have therapy at Fern House?

  • Helps pupils to express difficult inner feelings and complex trauma.

  • Contributes towards pupils developing confidence & self-esteem. 
  • It gives pupils the opportunity to learn control and choice in a safe space. 

  • Helps lower anxiety levels and promote a sense of wellbeing. 

  • Develop trusting relationships.

  • Neurologically helps pupils build executive functioning brain pathways which enables pupils to learn.

  • Opportunity to have long term interventions more catered to specific needs of individual children.

  • Fulfil EHCP obligations.

  • Develops multidisciplinary work between healthcare, social care, clinicians and school.

  • Builds positive partnerships with CAMHS and specialist professionals.

  • Opportunity to support therapy students and therapy training programmes at Goldsmiths and Roehampton.