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Fern House achieves Sandwell Chartermark for Wellbeing

Fern House has taken part in and achieved the Sandwell Chartermark for Well-being

The Sandwell Whole School Well-being Chartermark project was developed by Sandwell Council in Birmingham. It is a valuable tool that captures and develops whole school approaches towards positive mental health and well-being. This project addresses the views and needs of all those in Enfield’s school communities (pupils, parents, staff) and works on the premise that everyone, at some point in their life, will have some difficulties around well-being or mental health and will need support from others.

By engaging in this project, Fern House is showing a dedication to addressing mental health needs and whole-school well-being in an exciting and creative way. This was done in the following way:

  • The School identified a lead professional and a working group who were responsible for coordinating the project in the school.

  • At the start of the project, an emotional health and well-being audit was used to gather the views of pupils, parents, staff.

  • The results of this audit were used as the basis for an action plan based on the eight principles of whole-school well-being.

  • The school implemented this action plan over the course of three terms.

  • Following the three terms, an end of project audit was replicated with parents,

    staff and pupils to gauge the impact of the action plan.

  • This information was then used to inform the collaborative decision in a final

    action plan review meeting to award the school the Sandwell Whole-School Well- Being Chartermark.