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Science Week

From Monday 3rd June 2019 it is Science Week at Fern House. What wonderful experiments will our pupils being doing this week?

At Fern House we believe science is an integral part of a pupils' learning. It’s not always obvious that science shapes our daily lives, but the fact is science impacts countless decisions we make each day. From managing our health and well-being, choosing paper over plastic at the grocery store, or answering a child who asks why the sky is blue, science has an important role in our lives. More than ever before, we need to employ teaching strategies that inspire and prepare children to embrace science and their love of learning.

Science is the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical, social, and natural worlds through observation and experimentation. It’s key to innovation, global competitiveness, and human advancement. It’s important that the world continues to advance the field of science, whether it’s finding new cures for diseases or identifying and exploring new galaxies.

During this week pupils will be learn about different areas of science and have the chance to plan, predict, carry out and then conclude a variety of activities and experiments. The aim is to teach pupils how to think, learn, solve problems and make informed decisions scientifically.

We hope all pupils enjoy Science Week and please ask the pupils what they learnt this week and what they most enjoyed. 

John Puddefoot

Deputy Headteacher